Salam semua.. Lepas ambil supplements, ramai cakap pening, loya, nak pengsan, mengantuk. Tu semuanya sebenarnya bagus.. Erkk?? ye ke? Iye.. sebab tu menunjukkan tubuh kita bertindakbalas dengan supplements. Hmm.. betul? Jom baca tentang healing crisis..
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Q:What is healing crisis?
A:Healing crisis is a process in which the body undergoes an intense period of cleansing and rebuilding. As part of the healing process the body will begin to discard toxic residues which have build up in your body over the years.
During the process of toxic elimination, your body will experience some of the uncomfortable signs and symptoms, and this is recognized as healing crisis. In Chinese Medicine philosophy, true healing should always be preceded by a healing crisis.
Q:Why is healing crisis happen after taking health supplements?
A:According to Professor Yoshio Niwa, an expert in molecular nutrition,when we increase our nutrients intake, the nutrients will react with the oxygen in the body. And this reaction actually promotes and stimulates the body organ to perform harder to do cleansing, eliminating, replaces old tissues with new tissues, balancing etc.
For example, you may be experience more skin rashes, more bowel movement, and these is a sign of the body is going through an intense detoxification. Imagine if your body is like the rusty iron pipes, and when you put in some rust agent or pipe cleaner, initially more rust will be coming off from the wall of the pipes (toxic), and that may make you feel worse and more dirt flooding around the pipe. But after the rust is all cleanse, then the pipe will become nice and clean again.
Q:Is healing crisis a good sign?
A:Yes. Healing crisis is a sign that shows that the treatment or the supplement that you are taking is working. Some people might think that their symptoms got worst, but instead it is a process of natural healing and it is absolutely a good sign to have to move towards to a real healing process. Generally, healing crisis only happen on healthy person as it indicates that your vitality is still strong enough to create a response on the biological changes during the healing process.
However, when there is no healing crisis, it may be because either the person is toxins free and is on optimum well balanced health, or he/she’s vitality is too weak and the body is unable to go through any healing process.
Q:Does everyone experience the same signs and symptoms during healing crisis?
A: Everyone is different. Some people experience healing crisis right after he/she took the supplement and others will only occur after a month or two. The severity is also different. The more toxic one’s bodily systems are, the more severe the healing crisis.
Q:Generally, how long does healing crisis last?
A:It depends on the individual’s health condition. It may lasts for 2-3 days or months.
Q:Many people feel better after taking supplement, but I have been using supplement for a while, and I did not notice any difference at all, why?
A:Generally, after 1 to 2 months of supplementation, you should feel some changes (eg. Increase energy, better bowel movemet, etc.) If you did not notice any improvement, the possible explanations are:
1.You did not consume regularly
2.You did not follow the recommended dose
3.Afraid of the healing crisis may be too intense, stop taking all together
4.Poor diet and life style
5.Chronic disease, requires a longer period to recover
6.Chronic condition
Healing crisis sign and symptoms

Healing Crisis
Possible Reasons/Causes

Lethargy, sleepiness

Acidic body, poor liver function, over exhausted, need more rest

Headache, heavy headed

High blood pressure, sign of detoxification

Fever, slight fever, restlessness

Increase metabolism, stimulate body immune function

Diarrhea, increase bowel movements, passing out a dark, smelly stool, foul-smelly urine

Sign of detoxification, accumulated waste and residue in the colon

Flatulence, gassy stomach

Poor digestive system

Break out, rashes, itchy skin, bad sweat, mucus secretion, dandruff

Poor liver function, poor colon health and elimination system

Mucus production such as, phlegm, running nose

Poor lung function, passing out phlegm is also a sign of detoxification

Nasal bleeding

May be a sign of anaemia

Muscles and joints are aching and pain

Acidic body, toxins accumulated at the affected area

Increased pain in affected part of body

Speed up the healing process

Insomnia or hyperactive

Poor nervous system

Irregular period, changes in period, itchy bottom, increased mucus secretion

Hormonal imbalance, in the process of hormone regulation

Bleeding with bowel movements

May be haemorrhoid

Dizziness, hunger

Hypoglycemia, anaemia

Nausea, constipation, hiccups

Poor digestive system, liver problem

Slight edema (swelling)

Kidney problem

Jadi, jangan risau, hubungi pengedar jika ada pertanyaan ye =)

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Healing Crisis, feeling worst after taking supplement?

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